Fiberx Solutions   was founded in  2010 by a team of IT professionals  with many years of technical expertise and knowledge in the area of information technology.


FIBERX SOLUTIONS has been a long-term trusted partner for clients in the all Goa  and beyond since 2010; working closely with our clients allows us to act in their best interest over the long term. 

Our 15 dedicated staff have a combined experience of over 7 years.

CLIENT AND FUTURE FOCUSED: We have recently appointed a Customer Service Manager to assist the technical team with enhancing client management and to provide a better level of service to our clients. Fiberx Solutions brings a wealth of operations and management experience to the company.

We are committed to ensuring that our often very busy technical team is resourced appropriately for the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Featuring edge expertise, the company from the first year of operation is a leader in the market of Northern Greece. Conquering the trust of major companies of its clientele becomes the main partner of large companies, which use its services to large projects. 

Distinctive elements  

The elements that characterize Fiberx Solutions are:  Expertise & Professionalism  Loyal customer base  Leading role in the market of South Goa with high market share  Fully qualified staff   Leading manpower .

Corporate Philosophy  

The development of services with new and innovative applications, the development of infrastructure and the partnerships expansion are the pillars of the corporate philosophy in order to build stable relationships, to fully meet customers’ needs and quality of service. 


The main objective of FIBERX SOLUTIONS is the development of the offered services and their enrichment with new applications in the rapidly growing field of Internet and IT in general. 


FIBERX SOLUTIONS focus is to provide a long term I.T. partnerships with our clients. Most of our client relationships have been for at least five years, many much longer. These long term relationships allow us to understand our clients’ unique needs and requirements and provide a high level of service. 

We believe we can provide cost effective service & support allowing you to get the best from your I.T. investment.